Inflatable Packers
Inflatable packers are used around the world (universal), as underground test devices for liquid pressure measurements and major elements used where drilling and injection are done by injection of consolidating or waterproofing grouts, and have many applications related to construction sites mentioned below.
Pressure Tables According to Paker Diameter
Paker Inflatıon Hose
Packer Inflation Hand Pump
Packer Inflatıon Records
Injectıon Pump
It is high capacity injection pump and it is possible to inject water, cement
and bentonite solutions with diameter of 3 mm %30 sand.
Injection Pump Definitions
Injectıon Mıxer
Wire Line Packers
(Double and Single)
Mechanical Packers
Mechanical packer connectors elements and injection tube, in case rubber is squeezed by pushing the arm around it.
Double Packers
Injection Set
1-Injection mixer (Stirrer)

2-Injection mixer (Circulation)

3-CS 80 Injection pump

4-Pressure guage protector

5-Inflatable  Packer’s.
Triplex Pump
Drilling Machine
Impregnated Diamond Bits
We manufacture premuim diamond bit, diamond core bit, impregnated diamond core bits. Our standard matrix height is 6mm, the working part is also called "Crown". Matrix height can also be 8mm,9mm,10mm,12mm. And different color selections for drilling different rocks from soft,medium to hard,ultra hard such as: Clay,Sandstone,Gypsum,Talc,Tuff,Shale,Serpentinite,Calcite; Siltstone,Limestone,Marble,Andesite,Dolomite,Reinforced concrete,Porphyry; Basalt,Pegmatite,Gabbro,Schist,Norite,Syenite,Peridotite; Amphibolite,Diorite,Gneiss,Granite,Rhyolite,Quartzite; Ironstone,Taconite,Jasperite,Quartz,Chert. Also we supply with surface set diamond core bits,tungsten carbide core bits,PDC core bits, TSP(geocube) core bits,electroplated diamond core drill bits. Also we supply non coring bits,reaming shells,core barrels,drilling rods,overshots,diamond casing shoe bit and other diamond drilling equipments and drill rigs for site investigation,mineral exploration,oil well,water well drilling applications. Matrix hardness, diamond size and dosing can be varied according to the rock which must be cut, so the matrix of our impregnated diamond core drill bits is designed for rock formation from soft matrix recipe to the very hard matrix recipe. Especial include fractured, abrasive or silicified rocks. Matrix hardness selection is simplified by our colour system, which designed to help you match the most effective impregnated diamond core bits to your drilling application.
Drill Rods
DCE casing are machined from  high quality seamless steel tubing which meet or exceed DCDMA ve BSI material specifications and tolerances.

Casings are lowered in the hole to keep the walls from caving and to prevent loss of circulating fluid.

They are also used to recover stuck tools by reaming down the hole with diamond casing shoes

We are making all kinds of repair.
Inflatable Packers
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Injection Mixer
Wire Line Packers
Triplex Pump
Drilling Machine
Double Packers
Mechanical Packers
Injection Set
Impregnated Diamond Bits
Drill Rods
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Paker, Drilling and Grouting Equipment
Sometimes, it is evident that users fail to select an appropriate type of packer with respect to given technical data at worksite use such as : working pressure in relation with borehole diameter.
So, to avoid such a problem and to select a suitable packer’s type, the table and the graph  prepared below demonstrate maximum working pressure ( bar ) in relation with borehole diameter ( mm ) . 
Storage : CROWN packers are manufactured using natural rubber. Their performance and qualities can be impaired by long exposure to excessive heat.
Temperature : As indicated the extremes of temperature for a short period are from - 45 to + 65 C .
Inflation and deflation : the packers deflation, particularly when inflated with water, request a certain delay, variable according to inflation hose length and section as to the inflated packer volume. This delay can reach several minuets specially for the biggest diameters. Packers is recommended to rest a few minutes before retrieving even when the inflation manometer is returned to zero.
Note : it is important not to exceed the maximum inflation pressure in relation to borehole diameter, and the inflation pressure should always be superior to the injection pressure, particularly when inflation with gas .
CROWN packers are manufactured using layers in of steel cable bedded into natural rubber giving them the strength to resist the rough conditions of worksite used. The exception expansion capacity by using hydraulic liquid or gas pressure enables a good seal either in regular or uneven boreholes , as well as facilitating running in and retrieving.

Injection is done through a central stainless steel tube. The inflatable hose is equipped with special fitting, one end is wedded to the center tube while the other slides freely along it. The seal is assured by series of ‘’o ‘’ rings and scraper joint. The packer is inflated through a separate inflation tube.
Our firm offers an exceptional range of different packers’ diameters, this is due to different conditions and circumstances of worksite use , such as :
*   Construction sites bases, tunnels, dams and pools or lacks where drilling and injection are used .
*  Tests for underground water pressure measurements .
*  Hydrological  tests where dams and pools construction are done.
*  Tests and measurements for Injection pressure applications .
*  For site investigation and coal mines .
Injection packers consist of two main parts :
1.Inflatable packers, in case inflatable hose is equipped with special steel fittings, one end is welded to the central tube while the other slides freely along it.
2.Mechanical connectors elements and injection tube, in case rubber is squeezed by pushing the arm around it.
Inflatable packers are manufactured by selection good materials, designed and realised according to engineering laws and techniques, in case rubber which contains steel cables, is inflated by using prescribed hydraulic pressure w.r.t packer’s type as mentioned below without causing any deformation and coaxial problems and to resist the rough conditions .
Double packer is defined as two single packers connected to each other by means of a perforated tube ( Z ) varies in length  L ( 500-1000 mm ) and in diameter  (42-170 mm). Double packer is inflated at the same time by using safety hydraulic pressure. Each single packer has sliding end which slides freely in the same direction
CROWN PACKER manufactures an exceptional rang of complete inflatable packers different w.r.t. diameter  and length (L) as mentioned below.
*  Cavities in a washed out borehole .
*  Sharp or pointed fragments in the borehole which could pierce the sleeve .
*  Soft ground not having the strength to resist the packer expansion .
*  Natural back pressure. ( Ex : Artesian well )
*  Too high inflation pressure ( see table maximum working pressure above )
*  Too high injection pressure including surges of pressure during injection .
*  Obstruction to the sliding ends .
*  Faulty inflation equipment .
All of CROWN packers are tested in our workshop to the prescribed pressure as mentioned either in the table or in the graph above .
So, considering the nature of apparatuses working under pressure it is evident that users should appreciate the dangers and take the necessary precautions relating to the safety of their employees .
Packer Inflator Record
Additional Record Hose
Crown Wireline Packer System is a time-saving method for conducting permeability testing during core drilling.The test is carried out with the drill string in place, reducing the time required to test in open or unstable formations. Available for all makes of wireline core barrels (N, H and P), Crown Wireline packers are easily repaired in the field in just minutes The wireline packers incorporate a bumper that rests inside the throat of the drill bit.This positions both packers and protects the drill bit. A compression cap ''T'' on the Seal Tee Assembly prevents pressure loss around the composite cable during testing.The composite cable itself is composed of a high pressure nylon tube for inflation and a cable to lower and retrieve crown wireline packer.
Conducting a permeability test
Remove inner tube assembly.
Raise drill string off bottom, leaving desired test zone.
Install seal tee assembly at top of drill string.
Lower wireline packer assembly.
Tighten compression cap.
Connect composite cable to source of compressed fluid.
Inflate wireline packer.
Inject water through seal tee assembly wireline rods
and packer into the test zone.
Perform permeability test.
Deflate crown wireline packer.
Remove packer and seal tee assembly.
Reinsert inner tube assembly.
Lower drill string and resume drillling.
Wire-Line Packers
Sometimes, it is evident that users fail to select an appropriate type of Packer with respect to given technical data at worksite use such as : working pressure in relation with borehole diameter.

Cement is the most common type of grout used however other types are used such as bentonite, epoxy and other special agents used for waterproofing and greater penetrability etc. Grout may be pumped at low, medium or high pressures also other factors such as fluid used, ground conditions, injection depth will determine the pressure required and the type of grout used.

Deployment of the inflatable packer is simple through the use of drill rods with an appropriate crossover thread to the packer. A wireline or crane may be used in conjunction with a grout hose (instead of rods) however; you are limited to shallow depths, grouting pressures, how self-supportive the hose/ fittings are. Using drill rods or rigid pipe is a slower process but offers support for the running gear, push down force on the packers, support for the inflation tube and in most cases this is the most suitable option.
Single crown packer systems employ one packer and once lowered to the desired depth and inflated grout can then be pumped through the centre of the packer. Grout exits out the bottom with no restriction or through a TAM valve to prevent back flow. Crown packer is then retrieved or abandoned down hole, this is completely application specific. earthnails optStraddle packer systems sometimes referred to as a ‘double packer’ are a useful tool suitable for targeting specific zones downhole, high pressure grouting applications and casing installation in medium to deep bores. The zone between two packers is known as the ‘straddle zone’.The straddle zone is typically 1m in length ranging up to 6m, however all lengths may be manufactured for specific applications or on request.

DCE drill rods are manufactured from cold drawn seamless alloy stell tubing. Skilled workmanship and close inspection of raw materials and finished products result in a high strength and uniform drill rod. Rod couplings which are subject to heavy loads are manufactured with special care from heat treated high quality alloy steel for increased strength and resistance to wear.